Can we ignore the suffering Children in Syria?

Christmas Eve and despite the storms of the last 24 hours most of us have a roof over our heads. Several thousand miles away traumatised children face an uncertain future. If Christmas means anything at all we should reflect whether we can do any thing to help them in their hour of need.. Do we turn away and forget them when their needs are so great. Can’t we find room for some of the most vulnerable young people from Syria as requested by The Refugee Council. Surely love is at the centre of the Christmas message?

Selling our medical records. It is really possible?

It appears to have started with an article in the Daily Mail about selling medical records to private companies. Now we have Jeremy Hunt admitting that the article was correct. He has been forced to write everyone who uses the NHS asking for permission to sell their anonomysed records. It will be interesting to see how many users of the service bother to respond. Will you?

Are MPs worth £74,000 a year?

Nobody will find it easy to defend increasing MP’s salaries to £74,000. But the purpose apparently is to make their salaries more transparent. One other way to reduce the overall cost will be to reduce the number of MPs in Parliament. That was on the agenda until it was scuppered in a tit for tat battle between Cameron and Clegg. And now we have one thousand peers who can claim up to £300 a day for attending the House of Lords. Oh what a complicated plot this is!